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The Haunted Village - Quality Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror - Speculative and Dark Fiction on the Web since 1996

Lost in a dark wood, you peek through the trees at the moonlit scene below. The streets are empty, but you hear whispers, dark and secret, arriving on the breeze.


In The Haunted Village you'll find exciting and sometimes steamy stories—science fiction and darkly fantastic literature. Our fiction is free. Our purpose is to entertain you and our payoff is readership.

Enjoy the stories that the village tells; the voices you hear are its dreams, as it slumbers in the cool moonlight. Things are not what they seem; the denizens always wear a mask. To move among them, you must join their nighttime carnival. Be careful. Not all the revelers are natives, some are visitors from other times and other spaces, and while you watch them, some will certainly watch you.


Enter the village, but watch your step. The path is dark, and you feel eyes upon you, as if something were waiting in the shadows.

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